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Indien 58. Ariel Papers: Tirukkuṟaḷ

Cote : Indien 58  Réserver
Ancienne cote : Tamoul 58
Ariel Papers: Tirukkuṟaḷ
Ariel Papers: திருக்குறள்
Manuscript in Latin (+ Tamil).
1847/1851. Several internal dates ranging from CE 1847 to 1851. See intertitles.
South India, Pondicherry.
Scribal hands: (U1) Latin, Tamil script. Ink, brown. Brownish ink with innumerable strike-outs and correction.
CoverFront: the front cover. u1: 1 folio = guard leaf. No foliation. Blank recto verso. Element of llibrary binding. U1: 215 folios = Ariel Papers: Tirukkuṟaḷ . Library Arabic foliation 1-215. Foliation "215" crossed-out. Foliation 215 crossed-out. f7rv, f17rv, f33rv, f65rv, f137rv, f215rv, f165rv, f169rv, f173rv, f188rv, f200rv blank. f202 is folded and pasted on f203. Most versos blank. u2: 1 folio = guard leaf. No foliation. Blank recto verso. Element of llibrary binding. CoverBack: the back cover.

Paper (Scrapbook.) object: 360 × 245 × 30 mm.
Bibliothèque nationale de France. Département des Manuscrits

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Présentation du contenu

Papers of various sizes and colours bound in one volume. Notes by Ariel on the Tirukkuṟaḷ, that is, his prepatory notes and drafts of a translation into French, with introduction, notes and comments. See title page draft (f185r).

Marginal and interlinear notes, some in blue, from the same hand. Almost half of the pages left blank for annotation. From f174r onwards, smaller densely written pages and paper sheet bound in the volume.

The volume contains several sections, separated by yellowish paper folios bearing the intertitles:

  • Tiruvaḷḷuvar Carittiram” (f1r-f6v).
  • Parimēlaḻakar ceyta Tiruvaḷḷuvar Tirukkuṟaḷ urai. Traduction 1847” (f8r-f16r).
  • Tiruvaḷḷavar Kuṟaḷ. Eclaircissements & notes critiques. 1847. 1848.” (f18r-f32r).
  • Kuṟaḷ. Aṟam. Traduction. 1847 \8/. 1848.” (f34r-f64v).
  • Kuṟaḷ. Poruḷ. Traduction. 1849. 1850. 1851.” (f66r-f136v).
  • Kuṟaḷ[.] Kāmam.. Traduction. 1850.” (f138r-f164v).
  • Kuṟaḷ. Extraits divers traduits. 1850.” (f166r-f168v).
  • Kuṟaḷ [.] Texte.” (f170r-f172r). Tamil text of Tirukkuṟaḷ 1-10.
  • Kuṟaḷ. Feuilles accessoires.” (f174r-f187r). Including a glossary of Sanskrit words (f178r).
  • Kuṟaḷ. […].” (f189r-f199v).
  • Kuṟaḷ [.] Rapprochements.” (f201r-f214r).

Description by Eva Wilden based on the digital images available on Gallica.

Original manuscript examined by Emmanuel Francis (November 2022).

Dimensions assessed at the time of examination.

Contents (Composite)

(U1) Ariel Papers: Tirukkuṟaḷ


  • (CoverFront) shelfmark, cover, front: Current BnF shelfmark sticker: “INDIEN 52” (front cover, recto).
  • (u1) shelfmark: Old BnF shelfmark in black pencil: “Tamoul N° 58” (f[1]r).
  • (U1) documenting note: Mention of provenance in black ink: “Fonds ARIEL.” (f1r).
  • (U1) intertitle, top: See selection below.
  • (U1, T1) intertitle: [1r]
    [1-2] tiruvaḷḷuvar ~ carittiram
  • (U1, T1) intertitle: [2r] [1] Extrait 2 \I./
    [2] Tiruvaḷḷuvartcharitra
    [3-4] (Extrait concernant Aovai et sa généalogie.)
  • (U1, T1) intertitle: [8r]
    [1-3] parimēlaḻakar ceyta tiruvaḷḷuvar tirukkuṟaḷ urai.
    [4] Traduction
    [5] 1847
  • (U1, T1) intertitle: [18r]
    [1-2] Tiruvaḷḷavar Kuṟaḷ.
    [3-4] Eclaircissements & notes critiques.
    [5] 1847. 1848.
  • (U1, T1) intertitle: [34r]
    [1] Kuṟaḷ.
    [2] Aṟam.
    [4] Traduction.
    [5] 1848 \7/.
    [6] 1848.
  • (U1, T1) intertitle: [66r]
    [1] Kuṟaḷ.
    [2] Poruḷ.
    [3] Traduction.
    [4] 1849.
    [5] 1850.
    [6] 1851.
  • (U1, T1) intertitle: [138r]
    [1] Kuṟaḷ[.]
    [2] Kāmam..
    [3] Traduction.
    [4] 1850.
  • (U1, T1) intertitle: [166r]
    [1] Kuṟaḷ
    [2-3] Extraits divers traduits.
  • (U1, T1) intertitle: [170r]
    [1] Kuṟaḷ[.]
    [2] Texte.
  • (U1, T1) intertitle: [174r]
    [1] Kuṟaḷ.
    [2] Feuilles accessoires.
  • (U1, T1) intertitle: [175r] [1] Analyse de l'ouvrage tamoul intitulé Tirouvallouvar Coural /
  • (U1, T1) intertitle: [177r] [1] Sur le Kural.
  • (U1, T1) intertitle: [178r] [1] mots sanskrits
  • (U1, T1) intertitle: [179r] [1] mythologie & culte
  • (U1, T1) intertitle: [180r] [1] noms & attributs de dieu
  • (U1, T1) intertitle: [189r]
    [1] Kuṟaḷ.
    [2] fragments de que[lque]s études.
  • (U1, T1) intertitle: [190r]
    [1] Kur'al de Tiruvaḷḷuvar.
    [2] Fragments traduits du tamil
    [3] Livre 1er De la justice
    [4] 1. Louange de Dieu.
  • (U1, T1) intertitle: [191r]
    [1] Extrait du Koural de Tirouvalluvar
    [2] Livre Ir
  • (U1, T1) intertitle: [193r]
    [1] Liv[re] 2: de la fortune
  • (U1, T1) intertitle: [194r]
    [1] Liv[re] 3.
    [2] de l'amour
  • (U1, T1) date: [199r] [left margin]
    [1] 17 j[anvi] er 51.
  • (U1, T1) intertitle: [201r]
    [1] Kuṟaḷ[.]
    [2] Rapprochements.

Transcription conventions
() indicates unclear text. 〚〛 indicates deletions. \/ indicates additions. [] indicates text supplied or corrected by the cataloguer. {} indicates a note. [_] indicates spaces. […] indicates an ellipsis. [?] indicates a gap in the reading. General ― Unmarked length of ō and ē supplied. Unmarked puḷḷi supplied. Conjectural reading (text unclear) between parentheses. Supplied reading (text lost) between square brackets. Alternative readings separated by slash. In transliteration ― Unmarked elided overshort u supplied as an apostrophe. Uppercase for initial vowels. Symbols between curly brackets. Abbreviations ― c = column; f = folio; lf = library foliation; lm = left margin; r = recto; rm = right margin; u / U followed by a number = unit (codicological and/or textual); v = verso.     


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Historique de la conservation

Autograp manuscript by Édouard Ariel (1818-1854). Bequeathed by Édouard Ariel to Société Asiatique (Rosny 1868, p. 177).

Informations sur les modalités d’entrée

Received, August 1st, 1866, from the Société Asiatique. See BnF, département des Manuscrits, inventaire 7 = Dons: manuscrits et imprimés documentaires, 1848-1895, no. 1192.

Informations sur le traitement

This catalogue entry has been adapted from:

WILDEN, Eva. 2022. “Indien 58. Ariel Papers: Tirukkuṟaḷ .Descriptive Catalogue of the Texts Surrounding Texts Project. Paris: TST Project. doi:10.5281/zenodo.6475589