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Sanscrit 1156. Kāśyapasaṃhitā

Cote : Sanscrit 1156  Réserver
Ancienne cote : Cordier médecine 8bis
Manuscript in Sanskrit.
Scribal hands: (sole) Newa script. Ink, black.
Paper (industrial) (Pothi.) leaf: 25 × 155 mm. 5-6 written lines per page.

Bibliothèque nationale de France. Département des Manuscrits

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Collection Palmyr Cordier.

Présentation du contenu

This photographic reproduction of a Nepalese palm-leaf manuscript was made by Palmyr Cordier at the end of the 19th century. It documents a rare exemplar of the Kāśyapasaṃhitā, an important Ayurvedic treatise, of which there are only two fragmentary manuscripts extant. The manuscript which was photographed here seems to have been lost (Wujastyk 1998, 207).

This item was previously miscatalogued as the Kalyāṇasaṃgraha, due to a misreading of Jean Fillozat's list of Cordier's manuscript collection. Filliozat also notes that the original glass plates from which these photographic prints were made are also extant (1934, 171), although these plates have not yet been located.

Sanscrit 1155 is a transcription of this manuscript, made by Cordier and Umeśacandra Gupta. They seem to emend the text.

Contents (Single-text)


  • Rubric

    [folio 1r]
    [1] {Newa siddhi} oṃ namaḥ śivāyaḥ ||

  • Incipit

    [folio 1r]
    [1] […]athāto bhaiṣa(jo)pakramaṇīyaṃ vyākhyāma |

  • Explicit

    [folio 38v]
    [6] […]vala(yu)ktasya dīgne nityaṃ saṃśama(na) jayet || ||

Transcription conventions
() indicates unclear text. […] indicates an ellipsis. IAST transliteration.


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Historique de la conservation

Photograph of manuscript brought by Haraprasāda Śāstrī from Kathmandu to Calcutta. Photographed in Calcutta by Palmyr Cordier.

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This catalogue entry has been adapted from:

LI, Charles. 2023. “Sanscrit 1156. Kāśyapasaṃhitā.Descriptive Catalogue of the Texts Surrounding Texts Project. Paris: TST Project. doi:10.5281/zenodo.6475589